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FKFD will arrange an informal HEMA tournament for longsword and sword & buckler, just outside the Midgardsblot festival.


Midgardsblot is an Open-Air festival for extreme metal, Viking culture and related, and is held at Borre, Vestfold In Norway 16.-19 August. 

FKFD was given the opportunity to hold a HEMA tournament outside the premises with a friendly price for those who wish to experience the metal-festival as well. -Thus PingvinBlot was born.


This will be a “low-key” tournament, and by this we mean to emphasise that all participants have to be ready to help, and judge. Organization will be at a minimum, and in large parts it will be up to participants to keep it running. Ruleset and kit requirements roughly same as Penguin Cup, mark - bring your own weapons. More details to follow. The tournament will be situated outdoors, and it is meant to be a friendly introduction for new people as well as an arena for more experienced to just enjoy fighting.


The tournaments will be held on Saturday, approx. 10:00 – 16:00. Thursday and Friday there will be the opportunity to fence, spar, and enjoy swords in the picturesque location between the grave mounds. Not to forget listen to bands in the afternoon and evening. 


So we hope you will join us, or spread the word, for a couple of days of HEMA, Metal and Camaraderie on historical grounds.


More about Midgardsblot:


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