Søke-trening "Visit the Vikings"
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Søke-trening "Visit the Vikings"

Mantrailing is an excellent workout for all breeds in all ages.

The dog has to use his brain to find the "missing" person. After the training you will have a tired, but hopefully also a happy dog :)

More infos: http://www.starlite-dogs.com/offers/training/2-uncategorised/11-mantrailing.html


What do you need?

- good fitting harness

- collar

- long leash (for ex. 7.50 m leather leash) - if you don't have one, no problem, i can borrow you mine

- good shoes

- something to drink for the dog and you

- treats (wet, nothing dry)

- good mood, enough time and fun :)



Costs: trial training for free

350kr each training

every 10th training is for free



Max. 5 human/dog pairs


If you are interested to join us, please contact me via message or email (julia@starlite-dogs.com).


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