Esteban Taubas i Knut
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Esteban Taubas i Knut

Knut åpner stadig nye dører, nå kommer Esteban. Velkommen til en aften med musikk og mat fra Sør-Amerika.


Inngang 150 denne kvelden.


Musician, guitarist, singer, composer, teacher and choir conductor.

He was born in Concordia, Entre Ríos, Argentina where he currently lives

and is graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata.

As solist he has played in many escenaries and shared whit different musican in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. On 2017 he played in Hamburg, Germany, sponsored by Argentinan consulate.


He founded the group Tapeku'a in 2010, with whom we recorded the album "Y"(Agua, water)with songs of his own and of different composers from the Litoral region, at the border between Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.


They played in many cities from Argentina and Chile and received the prize "Escenarios" from the Argentinian newspaper UNO.


Currently, he is part of the duo Esteban-Echeverria, now recording their first album. He also conduct the choirs

Magnificat and Purahei Eireté and is assistant in the choir Tahil Mapu from the National University of Entre Ríos.

Also, he is a professor of Audioperseption I and II and Structural Systems and Textures I and II from the degrees in

Guitar, Piano and Lyrical Singing of the Autonomouns University of Entre Ríos.


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